Friday, January 28, 2011

Geddy Lee Friday - Plenty of Bass, but No Guitar

People might wonder why one is willing to collect bootlegs of every single concert performed by their favorite band. If the set list never changes, what's the point, right? As I've come to understand it, there are times that while the songs remain the same, the show is 100% different. Case in point, Rush's 2010 gig in Boston. Just as the band was about to launch into "La Villa Strangiato" this happened:

Now, if you've seen Rush perform this particular song, you'll know on occasion Alex will launch into a humorous rant somewhere in the middle. With the guitar failure, the impromptu rant happened a bit early. By the three-minute mark, however, he got the sound back and they finished up.

This is a favorite Rush rarity to watch, because it shows their professionalism in a not so ideal situation. Have to wonder how many other musicians would have lodged that axe like a scimitar at their techs' heads, calling them everything but white.

Anyway, if you'd like read up on another guy named Lerxst who suffers more interesting adventures, pick up your copy of Dead Barchetta for the Kindle, Nook, or in print. Reviews coming in are quite positive so far, knock wood. Right now I'm working on the cover for Dead Sector A, the second book. It serves as inspiration to have something done, so I can write faster.

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