Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eat This, Not That...No, This!

Every few days we go to Borders. My little one loves bookstores. She goes straight for the children's section to see what's new and usually reads one or two books by the time we're ready to leave. The other night, though, she wanted to sit with the grown-ups, and there was a display of Eat This, Not That books. She found the kids' edition and took it to the table in the cafe, and proceeded to study each page.

If you have seen these books, you know they are mainly illustrated charts of good food and bad food, categorized into groups like fast food, fast casual, and groceries. You look up the McDonald's page, and the book reveals the least of all McEvils. Little One had a good time pointing out to me what she should eat the next time we go to Panera Bread.

Today at Farm Fresh, we shopped for peanut butter. Spying a jar of Peter Pan on sale, I reached for it when she said, "No, Mommy. That's on the bad list."

"Really?" I suck at reading nutritional labels. Strike that. I'm scared to. These movies like Food Inc. and whatever Morgan Spurlock's doing, I don't know if I want to know. I'm so far gone with the Krispy Kremes and White Castles, I don't know if the acai juice is helping.

Anyway, Little One pointed to the Jif and said that was on the good list, so we got that. The rest of the trip was the same, with her letting me know what snacks to get.

It is good, I suppose, that she begins to understand good eating this soon. We do our best but often fall short. She's asked for her own copy of the book, and I might just get it. In the meantime, I ordered Cook This, Not That in hopes that I'll actually use it and bring some good eating home.

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