Monday, January 10, 2011

Coming Soon from DLP Books!

I have debated on whether or not I should keep this under my hat, but as I am in the book business - particular in the business of selling and promoting books, it is never good to keep such a thing a secret. You know, of course, I operate DLP Books, a fine establishment of fiction for readers of all tastes. You want sweet, I have that. Hotter? Most definitely. Explosive? It's coming, literally and figuratively. Right now, though, I am about to begin a project that truly excites me and makes me glad I'm in this business.

Through Phaze Books I met a very talented writer named Robin Slick. She has this very funny, at times heartbreaking series of books there about a woman who changed streams in mid-life, who shed all conventions of being an unhappy mom and desk jockey to pursue her dreams rather than live them vicariously through others. If you haven't read Three Days in New York City, Another Bite of the Apple, and Bitten to the Core, I suggest you pick them up now and read for yourself how talented she is.

Interesting stories about these books - one day I'll set up a one-woman show so Robin can tell it. She'd pack houses.

Anyway, Robin has another book called Daddy Left Me Alone With God, which is similarly themed, almost a roman a clef. A young girl has an affair with one of the greatest musicians alive, then has the opportunity many years later to rekindle that magic. Does it happen? I hope you want to find out, because DLP Books has agreed to publish the work.

So look for Robin's novel very soon, very likely February. Robin may have a big promotional opportunity connected with the book, so we will definitely make it available in print and eBook - you'll be able to download straight to your Kindle, Nook, whatever you got. I'm going to try to get Robin to guest blog here in near future as well about this and her latest WIP which really has me interested.

I've never been more excited than now for publishing. 2011 will literally rock.

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