Saturday, January 15, 2011

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop This week I am trying something new and joining a Book Blogger Hop. Though I use my blog to discuss my own writings, I have archived here a fair amount of reviews from times past, plus it is my intent to review more in the weeks to come. Keep an eye out Monday for my review of Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life.

This week's question on the Blog Hop is "What genre do you do (I assume review) and what draws you to it?" That is not an easy answer, because I enjoy reading a variety of books. Mysteries in particular are a favorite - I have a back log of inspirational reviews which I transferred here, plus I used to review for a defunct site called Blether Book Reviews. The site is still archived and you can find nearly 200 reviews I did there; I suppose I should move them here or at least grab the pages. I believe I put many of them on anyway. Still, I should have copies.

Anyway, I have loved mysteries as long as I can remember - I enjoy figuring out puzzles, so I suppose when I am reading a story and I'm compelled to learn where it's going, the author has done his/her job. I enjoy romance when the characters are done well and emotion is genuine, and I enjoy non fiction like history (esp. England and the monarchy) and biographies.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everybody else on the hop likes to read.

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Black Disaster Fairy said...

I too read tons of different things. If it is a book or eBook I tend to be interested. But I follow my mood when I start a book :)

Black Disaster Fairy
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