Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two Contest Giveaways - Win Free Books!

This September, I had the honor of attending Authors After Dark as a featured author and panelist, and I had a great time. I enjoyed meeting people with whom I'd previously communicated online, and it's always a pleasure hooking up with Bridget Midway, Yvette Hines, and Denise Jeffries. We were the Golden Girls of Erotica and hosted an 80s cheesecake bash. Not sure what's on tap for next year, but I'm in.

For October, I'm planning two different giveaways, so read the whole post!

This year, I brought home from AAD a bulging goody bag of books, promo, and all sorts of neat stuff, and I'm giving it away to one lucky reader. Here are the titles you'll get:

Wild Blue Under - Judi Fennell
Queene of Light - Jennifer Armintrout
Dark Days & Wicked Nights - sampler of excerpts from Allyson James, Devyn Quinn, Meljean Book and others
The Tease Dark Tarot: Death - Dorlana Vann
Tigers and Devils - Sean Kennedy (M/M)
The Beast Within  - Erin McCarthy, Bianca D'Arc, and Jennifer Lyon
plus two freebies by me: a print version of Dareville After Dark and a proof of She Loves Me, my F/F collection.

To enter for the above giveaway, simply click on and fill out the form. US winner gets the bag, International winner gets free downloads from DLP Books.

Deadline to enter is October 15 th, midnight EST.

My second giveaway will tie in with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My mom is doing the walk for the third year in a row, and as I can't take the time off to do it I will use my Facebook Page as a month-long tribute to the great women we have lost to this disease. Every day will feature a different woman and hopefully create awareness that self-detection and early detection is the key.

For this giveaway, I'll send one US winner a gift from the Republic of Tea (a Sip for the Cure selection) and a print book from my backlist, reader's choice. One International winner gets a $15 gift certificate to Phaze Books. To enter this giveaway, you only have to like my Facebook page! Deadline to enter the second giveaway is October 30, midnight EST.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Everybody Get in Line

I received a nice letter today from a reader, complimenting my Dareville series and requesting more. Let me first say, thanks! Nothing brightens an author's day than a nice note of appreciation. If you've read something recently that you have enjoyed, let the author know. It works wonders.

Secondly, I do plan more Dareville in the future once I have my non-Leigh mystery wrapped up, and I am seeing light at the end of that tunnel. Dare's Destiny is in the works and I hope to generate interest in that one soon.

In the meantime, I am happy to honor a request for a more detailed explanation of the order of the stories. If you've followed my brief yet exciting career in erotic romance, you'll know that while I've written several novels and shorts in the series, I have not exactly written them in chronological order. I suppose it's because once I get a story in my head, I decide it's suited for a particular time frame in the Dareville universe, and I just get it on paper before it fades. Rest assured, I do keep track of everything on spreadsheets, so I do my best not to create any discrepancies in the works. One thing to note, too, is that I write to keep the actual stories consecutive. Truth or Dare, the first book, came out in 2004 and is set in the late spring, and while Dare Me came out a year later it isn't set a year later, it's set right after the events in Truth. So if you're wondering why Ellie and Claire aren't using Groupon yet, that's why?

Confused? I hope not, because I'm about to list now for those who wish to read Dareville in order (so far, anyway), how to do it. I'll also differentiate here which are novels and which are shorts - all books are available on Kindle and through under my name. You will read in order:

Truth or Dare - Novel and Audiobook - This is the big one, probably the best one to read first for a good introduction. Many of the key players in the four novels are here.

The Dares That Bind - Novella - This story occurs in the same time frame as ToD, and offers a bit more insight into the Robeson family.

Dare Me - Novel - It's because of this book there is a series at all. Cal commanded a story and got one, and that just opened the floodgates.

Daring Young Man - Novel - I call this one my "sweet" erotic, given the nature of the story. This is the first May/December story in the series.

Double Dare - Short - I wrote this short inspired by the final scene of DYM where Lauren is looking at honeymoon pictures sent to her. I figured, why not write the honeymoon? This is so far the only story where Dareville isn't a setting.

Dare to Dream - Novel - I'm particularly proud of this one, since it was finished at a time I wasn't sure I could write an entire novel again. The ending is set up for another story in progress.

Daringly Delicious - Short - I get many compliments on this story, and requests for a follow-up. BBW is a popular genre at Phaze, where this is published, and I do plan a sequel.

A Winter’s Dare - Short - This is (so far) the only full interracial story in the series (BM/WW) and the first to feature paranormal elements.

Don’t Dare the Reaper - Short - This is a tricky one to place, since it is technically set outside of the storyline. It is a paranormal, written especially for the Phaze Raven HeatSheet line, but I wouldn't really consider it canon. Nonetheless, I'm tempted to write a follow-up to it, merely because I'm fascinated by taking this angle further.

Dare and Dare Alike - Novella - This is the most recent Dareville work as of this writing, but as you can see it's not the most recent time-wise.

Where Angels Dare to Tread - Short - This is so far the only full F/F work in the Dareville universe. I'm still on the fence as to whether I'll write more of it.

By the Chimney with Dare - Short - This is the first full M/M work and the second Christmas themed story. It's also meant to build up a bit for Dare's Destiny.

Handle With Dare - Short - Set approximately one year after DYM, this is also the first "cougar" story.

So there you have it, this is the chronology as of today. Mind you, I'll certainly mess up some heads with stories to come. I tend to approach Dareville like Quantum Leap, hitting different points at time at random.

Hmm, maybe Sam should leap into Dareville...that would be interesting.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Crash

Not sure what it is about going to a convention that just completely saps the strength out of you. I came back Sunday from Authors After Dark - had a great time, heartily recommend going to this event next year - but here it is Wednesday and I'm wiped out. I'm planning a giveaway for the swag I brought home, and wanted to make a video of it. You'd think it would be easy, all I have to do is press a damn button on my Flip, but I can't get off this couch!

Somebody come over here and film it for me? I'll tell you what to say on it.

No worries. I'll have details posted soon on how you can win it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Authors: Your Books May Be Stolen

UPDATE: The company, not realizing the book wasn't public domain, has removed the app. They have apologized and I have accepted, so we are good. Through this experience, I will look into a way to produce authorized app versions of my books.

To this end, I've removed my previous post as it no longer applies; however, I encourage authors to continue vanity checks on Google Alerts for titles of your books. Piracy is still a problem.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chipped, Dipped, Flipped

Made this video a while back. Only recently did FlipShare cooperate and allow me to get it up on YouTube:

With the three-day weekend coming up, I'm going to try to do another one, but my inbox is so stuffed as it is. Edits, editing, writing, keeping track of book uploads, finding new vendors to sell product, my day job...and Little One starts first grade next week. Life is moving faster than I can keep up with it. Somehow, that little bite of chocolate I had in the video above isn't enough.

This is supposed to be a holiday for me, Monday. Yet, I'll spend it as I do any other day off - catching up on something else. I wish I had the stamina to work 24 hours for one week and get caught up. Do they make Red Bull IV bags? I could use five.