Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Release: Dare and Dare Alike

I am pleased to announce the last installment of Dareville is now available! After a long run of writing F/F erotic works, I offer for your reading pleasure the first M/M Dareville novella, Dare and Dare Alike. While there have been free M/M shorts in this universe, this is the longest manlove to date, at least until I get Daring Red finished.

Buy Dare and Dare Alike at All Romance and Smashwords!

Kindle and elsewhere are coming soon, and DLP Books is getting a new cart that will let you download right after purchase. It's time, since we've grown so much.

In this story we meet some new Dareville residents, namely the Robeson twins, Darien and Derek. They are cousins of Kate (A Winter's Dare) and Spring (The Dares That Bind) and nephews by marriage of Marlene (Handle With Dare), and they have an interesting tale to tell. Now, please note, since this is a twin story (which I didn't place with my first house because they already have a well-written and popular twin story there), it is not twincest! I realize that particular sub-genre has a following, but in all honesty I can't bring myself to write it. DaDA is more erotic than romantic, yes, but beyond the adult entertainment subplot there are no other taboos. As long as I breathe and have control of my senses, you won't see any underage, incest, or icky happenings in Dareville. I don't know that I'm popular enough to warrant fan fiction just yet, but if that happens I hope I don't see that kind of stuff.

Depending on the success of this work, we may see the Robeson twins in future books, but for my next Dareville trick I'd like to get Dare's Destiny and  Daring Red moving. Of course, as I mentioned in an earlier post, inspiration has pushed me to try another "non-canon" paranormal work, and I've thought too about a follow up to Where Angels Dare to Tread with an appearance by Brady's adult daughter. For the immediate future, however, my goals are to finish Boone (now over 30K) and Dead Barchetta.

Okay, enough rambling. Here's the blurb for DaDA. Hope you enjoy it.

Identical twins Darien and Derek Robeson may look alike, but the similarities end there. Where Derek is hard-working and responsible, Dar is reckless and carefree. When Dar's chosen profession in adult entertainment causes yet another mistaken identity hiccup in Derek's love life, one brother gives the other an ultimatum - quit the sex business or else.

Dar enjoys the freedom and money earned from a career in the sex trade, but respects his brother enough not to hurt him intentionally. However, when a hunky film star makes Dar an offer he can't refuse, Dar's left to wonder if blood is thicker than gold. What he doesn't realize, too, is that a local video company has made Derek a similar, more profitable offer, and Derek's interested!

Perhaps the Robeson twins are more alike than they thought?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Turning Japanese? I Really Think So!

A while back I bought some Japanese Kit Kats from eBay. I recommend it if you're feeling adventurous. Come check out the new Phaze cave, too!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When Plot Bunnies Attacks

I had a dreeeeeeeeeeam... a dream about yoooooou, Louise...

My mother's favorite movie at one point was Gypsy.

Honestly, I did have a dream the other night, and parts did stick with me. If you've followed my writing path, you'll know it's been a while since I put out a Dareville story. I am close to finishing Dare and Dare Alike and hope to have it ready for consumption by month's end. In the meantime, this dream I had, which is fading fast, gave me an idea for another off-track Dareville, and I'm not sure if I should even write it.

Let me explain. In October I put out through Phaze Books a short, Don't Dare the Reaper. This was a non-canon menage, and by non-canon I mean that I didn't intend for it to have a place in the chronology of stories and novels. Reaper is a paranormal, whereas the true series is contemporary with no spooks or spirits or sparkling vampires. I wrote it for fun essentially, and because I just had to use that title. :) Besides, it was for a Halloween themed line, and I liked the story as I wrote it.

Suffice to say, it's not the best selling of the Dareville stories, despite it being a MMF. Disappointing, yes, because as an author you tend to want your next story to outsell the last. These days I do take comfort that my Dareville backlist continues to sell decently, so I will continue to write stories. Sometimes I wonder: did the paranormal angle deter Dareville readers? Did I breach a zone that should have remained put?

Anyway, the idea that came in my dream involved another paranormal plot - and it's just too irresistible to ignore. My question is, though, do I pursue the paranormal angle, then continue with Dareville as it normally is (i.e., does this fanciful idea become another character's "dream") or do I stick with the contemporary straight line. I haven't seen many series that switch things up like this - it's either all paranormal or all contemporary, or whatever. I have to admit, too, that looking back on the old Happy Days series where Mork suddenly appeared seemed off to me. If I write another paranormal Dareville, am I pulling a Mork? You remember Mork, right? He was annoying as all hell.

I guess I'll just bounce around the idea for now, along with the other ten million I'm plotting. I do promise this: no rainbow suspenders.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When Business Grows, So Does the Paper Trail

If there is anything I have learned since launching my writing side-business, it's that as you work hard to sell people your services, there must a hundred people like you trying to sell your their goods. Not long after I set up the DLP Books website for my mysteries did I start receiving postcards and sales flyers from printers. That is why I ended up looking into commercial mailboxes sooner than anticipated, to reroute that mail away from the avalanche of bills I already receive.

If you are an author, especially one who uses a pen name to distinguish the genres you write, I strongly suggest renting mailboxes outside of your true residence. Even if you use your real name, having that separate destination for letters is a good idea for your safety and sanity. I'm not saying that as an author you are at risk or anything, it's just that it is nice to separate that world from your personal life. Depending on how you use your royalties, or if you're the type who is constantly ordering promo (and hubby isn't happy about it), you get that stuff out of the way. Residential mailboxes are okay for receiving everyday correspondence, but if you intend to write full-time you are essentially creating your own business, and this way is very professional.

Bear in mind, however, if you rent a PO Box from the USPS, there are provisions to adhere to. You may need documentation to support receiving mail to a pen name. Boxes from mail stores are less rigid, however. Just don't go too crazy ordering stuff to fill it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Public Service Announcement from Authors After Dark

We're getting closer to the big weekend! As a featured author, I've been asked to help the word, so here is the official buzz:

Authors After Dark Is coming sooner then you think! Are you a blogger? or an author aspiring to publish? A reader with a voracious love of books? Well, AAD is the con for you! Designed by authors FOR readers, AAD is the only con that doesn't break your bank! It's the cheapest con around that FEEDS YOU 5 MEALS for no additional fee! And did we mention there's FREE ALCOHOL all weekend? That's right!

Attendees this year will be treated to over 2,400 free books, over 125 door prizes, several parties, mini events, workshops, tons of swag (and the good kind, too!) photo opps, and tons of surprises!

Writers? Small press authors? How would YOU like to get in front of a NY editor without the hassle of a big con's appointment schedule? This year are are lucky to have several editors from Ballantine, Kensington, and Harlequin, as well as some of the small presses like MLR Press, Torquere, Tease Publishing, Phaze, Total E Bound and more. a full list will be up on the AAD site soon and appointments will be taken starting August 15th! The catch? You MUST be registered by August 1st to participate, and each editor is ONLY taking 10 appointments! Be remembered! Get your MS into shape!

Bloggers? We have some fantastic goodies for you. Special goodie bags FILLED with books (ARC's, signed copies and Ltd Edition US books!) as well as the ability to engage your favorite authors for interviews and Q and A!

Check out everything on our website ( and we hope to see you with us this year. You are in for a fantastic weekend!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Changing my whole outlook, and inlook

I have decided I will never be a fashion plate, so I'm not going to worry about whether or not I can afford that Donna Karan suit or outrageous four-figure Betsey Johnson. Fashion isn't designed for my body style, and these days I'll take comfort over aesthetics. I will likely never have the job that requires me to wear business casual, and you know what? I'm all for that. I'm a writer/web gal all the way, and if funny t-shirts with bizarre sayings are the uniform, sign me up. In fact, I've contemplated cleaning out my closet altogether and just wearing t-shirts and jeans from here on out. Bury me in them, don't spend money on a fancy dress.

My husband, however, used to be into men's fashion, but that was back when he lived in a major metropolitan area and his work called for better style. When you're teacher, it's a bit challenging to maintain a high end wardrobe - no holes equals high fashion around here. Little one will only wear purple, and that makes shopping much easier on me.

I suppose the only thing I have to worry about is costuming for these upcoming conferences. I like to think, though, I can get away with the same outfit every year because who's going to remember, right? I will try something different for Authors After Dark, though, and I do have a shirt for the 80s party. You're gonna love it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Listen, if You Dare

I have a ring and a date for my first audio book! Truth or Dare the audio book will release on August 10 through, and you can listen to a work safe sample here.

I have to admit it was rather strange to hear somebody else read my book aloud, especially since it's erotica. I see now, though, more publishers are getting in on the act. Ellora's Cave has a growing audio division, and many authors I know are signing with AudioMinx and other houses to produce books for the iPod. I'm pleased to be a part of this new age in publishing, and hope this won't be the last Dareville story one can listen to.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some Like it Spicy

I do, on occasion. I like ginger, I like pepper, and I looooove chocolate. All three together? Eh...