Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taking a left turn

I came into the ePublishing world as a mystery writer. I cut my teeth on tattered Agatha Christie paperbacks, devoured Dick Francis' horseracing themed thrillers all through college, and learned the alphabet with Sue Grafton. In my former life, under my real name, I had published one inspirational suspense/romance and two cozies - presently two are out of print and one is reissued in self-pubbed format. I had another mystery I distributed for free online, which is currently out of circulation. Despite the success I now enjoy in romance and erotica, it's my intent to return to mystery. I'm about a sixth of the way there.

If you follow my Twitter or Facebook statuses, you can track the progress of Dead Barchetta, the work that will hopefully become the first in a series of books. Once finished and polished, I'll have a better idea of how I wish to proceed with publication - NY or e. Bear in mind this doesn't mean I will abandon the racier stuff, I still have a few more stories to tell in that realm. I am just enjoying this return to familiar territory.

The more I write, too, the more the idea of taking complete control of the project appeals to me. This week I have learned of the demise of another eBook imprint and the suspension of another one. Piers Anthony has reported that Swimming Kangaroo Books has closed submissions until next year, and Erotique Press, which published the wonderful Bridget Midway, has folded. Sign of the current times, but hopefully not a trend. Hearing talk, too, of major NY and UK pubs either closing lines (RIP Black Lace) or reducing print runs and advances makes me wonder if I'm better off going the eBook route. If I could be assured a non-erotic work could sell well against the slew of releases from the top dogs I'd feel better, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I still have to finish the damn thing. :)

I'll have more details as I get closer to the end. Wish me luck.

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