Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Putting away childish things

This weekend we are determined to clean out the house, and for us that means having to parse a good amount of toys and children's furniture to see what stays and what can be given away or sent to consignment. I find it difficult to believe that already four years have passed since we last changed a diaper on a baby changing table, and now we might have to upgrade the bed G is sleeping in now. Where did the time go?

We're also getting to the point where we need to upgrade her car seat, too. Right now she has this nice pink "Princess" seat that converts to an older child's booster. As tall as she is, though, she'll be out of it soon enough. In the garage we have baby strollers and playpens we haven't used in years, and seeing as we have no plans to reproduce again I don't know why we hold onto these things. Friends with little ones either have shiny new stuff or hand me downs from previous kids, so we're stuck. Voluntarily, at least.

I admit I have trouble putting away childish things in this respect. The way time has blown by, I miss everything that was when G still crawled and barely babbled. Yes, I even miss my old breast milk pump and the Boppy pillow I used to cradle her to sleep. Now she wants to do everything on her own, and it's hard to let go.

I suppose this is why people have more than one. It's tempting, I tell you.

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