Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chocolate Review: New Tree Alpha Thym

Looking for a small after-lunch treat, I went through The Stash for this wafer-like bar bought at Biagio. The New Tree company is known for chocolates that promote some kind of health benefit, and the Alpha line boasts Omega 3 fatty acids and dark cacao. The Thym disc is self-explanatory, thyme with 65% dark.

I opened the package to an immediate blast of cacao, but the thyme quickly overtook that once I got the flat disk completely out of the wrapper. The surface lacks the gloss of other high-end chocolates I've had, and the thinness of the bar highlights the grainy-looking interior - it's easy to see the flax seeds and puffed rice bubbled on the bottom.

A loud snap, and the bold taste of thyme on the palate came next, followed by the sweetness of the mid-level cacao. If you could imagine somebody knocking a jar of herbs into a vat of Nestle Crunch (with a different grade of chocolate) you'll have a good idea of the texture. If you don't mind savory flavors with chocolate, you might like this one. I wouldn't list it among my top daily choices, maybe a once in a while indulgence.

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