Friday, August 14, 2009

Change is Good

This from today's Florida Times-Union:

High School Name

The discovery of the remains of Navy Capt. Scott Speicher has re-energized those who wish to see Nathan Bedford Forrest High School renamed in honor of the downed pilot. Speicher graduated from the Westside school in 1975, and his name has long been floated as a replacement for Forrest, whose current namesake was a former Ku Klux Klan leader.

Such a change would require community involvement, said school board member Stan Jordan, who during his time as a state representative sponsored a bill extending educational benefits to the children of service members captured or missing in action. The bill, written specifically with Speicher’s children in mind, expanded benefits formerly only available to children of MIAs or POWs of the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam.

"That's something that's a deep rooted community issue out there," Jordan said about the name change. "You have to understand the linage of these school. There's an awful lot of Forrest graduates out there."

That is true. This Forrest graduate, however, would rather have had a diploma bearing the name of a man who died serving his country than somebody who helped form the Klan. Speicher had ties to the area, Forrest did not. Consider the percentage of minorities who attend that school, why would the city cling to that name?

Change is good. Try it.


Missy Lyons said...

That was a good story to hear. We should honor our heroes.

krispykremekiller said...

What a great idea! Use your voice and abilities to spread the word.