Monday, August 17, 2009

Cash, Clunkers, Cars, Calloo-Callay

A client for whom I do SEO work operates a used car lot in town, and one challenge presented to me in promoting the place is this recent Cash for Clunkers deal. Recent news reports suggest the used car businesses won't be affected well by the program, so I will have to find another way to build his brand. We already do quite a bit of social media and article writing - it's just a matter of selling something in an economy that might not be time for it yet.

Usually around this time of year my husband is looking at car pictures on the Internet or browsing lots on the way home from work. We owned a Dodge truck and a Pontiac Firebird when the baby was born - the latter didn't last a year until we realized we needed something with room for a baby seat. Hubby traded in the bird for a Kia Sedona, which we still own. That's a nice little car, it's roomy enough for him to transport his bike when we go on a long trip, and until recently it handled well in bad weather. This recent storm, where he caught on a flooded road, really tested the car's endurance. Had he been driving my Outback it might not have been so bad.

I do miss that Firebird, though. We got it in Atlanta just before we moved here - I had it narrowed between that and a Chevrolet Camaro, but the fire engine red of the bird proved too sexy to resist. Once the little one is old enough to ride up front I might revisit getting a sports car...if we can afford one.

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