Monday, July 20, 2009

The month in chocolate

Seems like it's been a while since I've done a chocolate related post here. Not for lack of enjoyment - I still nibble once a day, just haven't found the energy to share in written form what I've had of late. I picked up some new additions for The Stash today at Whole Foods, but first a brief survey of what I've had.

I finally finished up the Chocolove 65% dark with crystallized ginger last week - good bar to have around after lunch, especially if you've had something strong that remains with you. The ginger has a good bite to it, even though it tended to make the bar a bit grainy.

Before that, it was a Jer's chocolate and peanut butter bar, which tasted more like one of those Atkins bars than a treat. The Fresh Market by me carries an assortment of Jer's now, and if you happen upon one of these bars please know they tend to melt quickly. If you really, really love the peanut butter, I think you'll enjoy this one.

Last week, while shopping with a friend, I found two new bars from Vosges: a dark organic called Enchanted, with mushrooms (!), and - at last - a dark bacon bar. Mind you, it's only 62%, but I've had a square and so far I prefer it over their milk version. Everytime I mention the bacon bar to people I get weird looks, but I suppose you just have to try it yourself. It brings a fair contract of sweet and salt, and the dark chocolate tastes better in this combination.

Looking forward to trying these I bought today:
  • Theo Organic Cherry and Almond (70%)
  • Sirius (45%) Iclandic chocolate - couldn't pass that up, chocolate from the land of Bjork?
  • Vivani (68%) Dark with Green Tea
Not in one sitting, of course.

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