Saturday, July 25, 2009

If I Seem So Cold...

...when I inform an author that his/her work is not right for Phaze Books, I can assure you it is not intentional. I know not all authors are satisfied with the pat form rejection. As a writer, I don't care much for them myself.

So why do I give them? Time constraints. Honestly, my days are full. I work all day, I work all night. If you saw my schedule you would truly weep, and if I offered it to you for a day you would run screaming. After three years of managing Phaze's interests I continue to develop an eye for what works and what doesn't for us. If a book doesn't work, it doesn't mean I necessarily think the book is badly written. It just might not be right for us.

That said, as much I'd like to offer some guidance, I just don't have time to deliver a detailed critique. An abbreviated one, as I've learned in the past, just might be interpreted incorrectly. I speak from experience, of course.

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