Sunday, July 26, 2009

Book News

This just in. Don't Dare the Reaper has been moved up to a mid-September release. If you have enjoyed the Dareville stories, I hope you'll pick up this nice MMF short that introduces a taste of the esoteric to the series.

In the meantime, I'm putting the finishing touches on another unrelated short for free distribution later this summer, to be called Where Angels Dare to Tread. It is the first F/F Dareville story, so if you're interested in the genre I hope you pick it up. You'll meet new townsfolk in this one, and you may see them again in another story sometime soon. I know, I have quite a few stories outlined for the series, it's just a matter of setting down to write.

Speaking of, I finally broke ground on my first non-erotic work in five years. In my earlier life I wrote mystery, and it's been my intent to return to the genre. So far, I've written 2500 words of my next suspense work - I've started and stopped so many times on this one, unable to get a good beginning that compells me to write more. I'm hoping now I hit the right combination. So we'll see how long it will take to complete this project, in between others going on.

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