Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Like bunnies, they multiply

I see in the eBook world we are to expect two new houses:

Quartet Press is making the Twitter rounds today, announcing their submission guidelines for romance and erotic romance, preferably novel length. It appears the house is run by people with some clout in the industry, and experience in digital media. The site, while sparse, looks clean and is easily navigable. It's not difficult to see it's a Wordpress site, but I'm familiar with that type of CMS and know it's easy to use. They are interested in reprints for digital rights as well. Almost tempting me into digging up Little Flowers, if I can find a copy. That's not an erotic work, though, and no way in hell could I revise it to lean that way. Looks like a company worth watching, we'll see.

Crimson Moth, I see from the title tag, is to be the erotic imprint of Wings Press, Inc. If you're not looking that high, however, you wouldn't know it from the site. The About Us page is empty - only the submission guidelines are active, and there is no name attached. Definitely, I would consider getting this information up ASAP, as two of the most important pages on any site are the contact form and the About Us page. If I'm to send you my novel, I want to know who you are.

I was once published with Wings under my real name - all those books are out of print. During my association with them, they did not publish erotica, though I proofed a number of their works which could be considered heavy sensual - Harlequin Blaze level if you need a guide. Looks like they are finally setting foot into the erotic arena. One thing to note, and this may have changed since I left, is that Wings charged authors a fee to go to POD, and they did not use Lightning Source, which means no Amazon.com listings. Maybe that's changed and somebody can confirm; if so, I'll happily retract. All I do know is that it made it difficult for me to sell my prints there - relatives would call bookstores to order, to learn the book was not in their system. I couldn't even order books for a signing through a store and they wouldn't let me carry in. Something to consider.

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