Friday, June 19, 2009

In case you're keeping score...

Let the record show:

1) I am a published author.

2) All of the publishers with whom I am aligned are primarily digital (eBook).

3) I do intend to pursue acquisition of an agent for the purposes of placing a book with a "traditional" print publisher.

4) The royalties I earn monthly in eBook publishing are the equivalent of a part-time salary. If I didn't live in a community where rent/expenses are so high, I could continue in ePublishing and only work part-time and be comfortable.

5) The stance on ePublishing RWA takes apparently will not change, therefore I see no reason to continue my membership. I will not renew when my membership expires, and will not join RWA again until there is a shift in this view.

6) I've worked for a non-profit before, and know how badly a decline in membership effects the oganization as a whole. Turning a blind eye to new innovation isn't necessarily a good thing.

...actually, as Willy Wonka might say, "Strike that, reverse it."

I might be persuaded to keep my RWA membership if there is a chance the membership will vote this person out of office and replace her with somebody who is more open-minded. We'll see.


Melissa Schroeder said...

You know, the thing is, we have a pres elect. This president is leaving office. The idea is we need at least 3-5 board members to make a difference, and that will not happen without organization. And, we need members to vote. Most do not.But if there is not a leadership shift in the next election, I am going to leave. Can't justify money to a place they consider me a hobbyist.

krispykremekiller said...

This is not the minor leagues. Keep at it. Success is not one size fits all.