Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ich will Nahrung

Because it's summer and I don't have enough to do (ha), I've decided to take on a few personal projects - some items to check off my wish list. The first is the print version of Love's DoMINion, if ever I can get the cover specs squared away. I may have to hire on help to assist with that. I want the book available for a few fetish fairs we plan to attend, like the LF&P in DC and the FFF in Charlotte, as well as a few carry-in gigs I have for late summer. Watch for news.

The second thing: I've longed to have a foreign translation done. I've approached agents about it and can't quite get the wheels moving, but since I retain foreign language rights to my works I've decided to try it myself. Naturally I plan to start with the German version of Truth or Dare and see if it's worth the time and effort to translate the rest of Dareville. I'm really excited about the possibility of selling in another language, and I minored in German in college. I understand there is some interest in romance among German readers, which I find interesting given the language never seemed to fit the racy nature of certain stories. It's difficult to cuss in German, not like French or Spanish.

I considered hiring on a Spanish translator, but I'd heard of the complications involved in that, since one must consider the styles and dialects of the language. A Spanish speaker in North America may use words differently than a European speaker. Same with Chinese. I had a friend who spoke fluent Cantonese, but couldn't translate for us in a Chinese restaurant because the waiter spoke a different dialect. Not quite like how Northerners look at us weird for saying "y'all," but you get the idea.

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Missy Lyons said...

Wow. Just wow. Translating my books to a foreign language is probably a bogger task than I could easily take on, but I wish you much success!