Monday, May 18, 2009

A Vacation from Myself

Lord, how I need one. Seems I have done quite a bit of traveling this years, mostly on weekends, and very little of it involved relaxation. Even the Florida trip last month was fraught with aggravation and day I'd like to just take off by myself and sleep for 48 hours. Not answer e-mail or deal with publishing stuff.

Question is, where to go? I live in a resort town, and going to another resort seems odd. I do like the Carolina shores, though. I remember several years ago Malc and I spent a long weekend at this Myrtle Beach Resort. He needed to be there for a conference, and I spent the free time exploring the area. It was during Lent, I recall, as I ended up in this Church near the beach for Friday adoration, something I hadn't done in forever. Afterward, lunch at Broadway at the Beach...this was long before the KISS coffeehouse. I imagine I could have killed some time there scratching Rush Rules on the tables. Ha.

There were tons of North Myrtle Beach Resorts lining the shore, but damned if I can remember where we stayed. The main event that sticks out in my mind was dinner - lots of seafood to be had - and this funny story some of our conference mates told us about this disappointing live music experience there. Apparently they had gone to a bar to hear some highly touted act called "Music Train". Music Train ended up being two middle-aged white guys, one on guitar and one on a Casio, reciting this oft-rehearse patter about "the good old days of rock and roll." Say, Bob, remember the 60s and how we all used to have long hair and bellbottoms? I guess you could say we needed some fashion...Help! Boom, segue into the song. This was the act, a "train" of informercial-style chat peppered with a bad lounge act. We had a good laugh hearing the story, but part of me sort of wished I had been there to witness it for myself.

Not sure I'll try the North Myrtle Beach Resort route for my weekend escape. It's fair drive from Tidewater, and literally I'll drive past a hundred beach towns to get there. Charleston seems to be more my speed, though that's a ten-hour haul by car. I do have some money saved up, and I've taken July off from signings. We'll see where I can go then - no kids, no husband, no laptop.

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