Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thinking Healthy, Seeking Inspiration

This weekend at Balticon served to remind me how I need to re-evaluate the way I eat. It's no secret that I love food - a blogger who contributes half of her content on chocolate is obviously sending a message. Once upon a time I did manage to lose a great deal of weight, and the adage holds true. It's very easy to gain it all back and then some. I need to get rid of it again.

I'd like to make use of our kitchen and appliances for this purpose. Ready made meals are convenient, but at least with cooking I can control what goes in to what I eat. A food processor would be good to have, at least a better one than I have now, for making sauces for pasta. My mother has a good recipe that doesn't use much sugar. Believe it, you'll be surprised to know what's in that canned ragout.

My biggest obstacle is the range oven. We rent, and the one we have is old. One of the burners doesn't work anymore, and it takes forever to boil water. We really need to get it replaced, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. I would love to have one of those special cooktop stoves where you can grill a steak directly - my mother in law has one and it works great. Hubby wants to splurge on an outdoor grill this summer, and as much as I've admire the Weber round grills he wants something with the number 6000 after the name that can rocket the house to the moon if needed. We just need some skinless chicken grilled, not tortured.

Well, we'll see what the weekend brings. I'll watch what I eat, and make what I do eat an experience rather than a chore. Taking the Julia Child approach - where dining is an event more than a fact of life - just may help me to appreciate the process of finding better food. I may even break out the good Mikasa plates this summer.


Alessia Brio said...

Since my partner moved in, I've allowed some poundage to creep back onto my frame. Disruption of routine plus grab-and-go eating is killer for me.

I've found that restricting myself to single foods makes a huge difference. No dyes, preservatives, HFCS, or bad fats. Quantity becomes less of an issue when quality is the priority.

Now, if I can just practice what I preach!

Kat Lively / Leigh Ellwood said...

The single-food idea is a great one I need to look at, too. When I worked at Cayce that seemed to be part of the plan they recommended. Less is more.