Friday, May 22, 2009

Take a Hike, Leave the Weight Behind

Seriously, it's time to get involved in some kind of weight loss program. It can't be good to suck wind from climbing a single flight of stairs, so I should find a way to stop. I walk through the kitchen and the bottles on top of the refrigerator rattle. That never happened when I was young and skinny.

Used to be, before I had all these responsibilities, Hubby and I would don our hiking shoes and head for the northern Georgia parks for long walks. That's the one thing I miss about the area is the rugged terrain and the tranquility. Especially near Dahlonega there were some great trails. You got a good workout.

Where I am now, there's a paved trail running through our neighborhood. I don't necessarily need hiker shoes to tackle the path, but I do need time and opportunity. It's difficult to walk with the little one because she likes to stray and pause, and we go right past the park. That's thirty minutes of pushing swings. Much as I enjoy it, it doesn't burn many calories.

With summer coming up, we've talked about a hiking trip. I like Bryson City and the Nantahala region, so maybe I'll dust off the hiking boots and help the little one better appreciate nature. Perhaps I'll like it so much I'll forget to come back here. Heh.

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