Monday, May 25, 2009

Semper Fi

To all those who serve to preserve our freedoms, which allows me to write silly things on this blog, thank you.

Balticon weekend was fun, though I didn't spend too much time at the conference beyond my own panels. I think next year, however, I will endeavor to get a booth in the dealers' room. There appear to be so many cons and festivals where we could reach readers, and I have a feeling this is the way to go in the future. With science fiction fans, in particular, my hope is that we can attract people to the eBook model and introduce them to some great writers.

When I am in the DC area, I do my best to get to Biagio Fine Chocolate to restock. Not that The Stash is running low, but Biagio carries a number of brands I can't readily find at the beach. This weekend, I treated myself to the following:

Michael Mischer 72% Dark with Cayenne Spiced Mango. This is a single origin (Criollo) bar with huge dried fruit chunks. How could I walk past something called caynne spiced mango? I'll be sure to get to this one soon; the way it's packaged, I have a feeling it will temper more quickly than others.

Christopher Elbow 61% Dark with Crystallized Ginger. This is a heavy bar, the feel of it is leaden in my hand. Not sure if the ginger is responsible or not.

Coppeneur 65% Dark with Blue Mountain Cafe. This is apparently a German company using single origin cacao and Jamaican coffee. I love Blue Mountain coffee, though it's hard to find here (expensive as hell if you do), so I couldn't pass this up.

New Tree Alpha 65% Piment. This is a generous sized "tasting square" of dark chocolate with pepper. This looks to be a new variety from New Tree.

New Tree Alpha 65% Thyme. Same deal with thyme. Just looked interesting.

Pralus Le 100%. Rated 4th on the 70 Percent site Top 10. 100% dark, 'scuse me while I kiss the sky chocoalte. I was told if you dare to go all the way, this is the bar to do it. Light a candle in the window for me.

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