Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hitting the Wall

It's happened again.

I don't suffer writer's block, it's more like that ginormous anvil that lands on the coyote after the road runner has zipped away from the chalk circle full of birdseed.

I recently contracted four more stories with Phaze Books, each in partial condition at the moment. They know I'm good for the works, and I have outlines prepared and am familiar with the territory. Problem is, the words aren't coming and time is moving too quickly for me to sit in one place. The little one is taking more of my time these days. I work my day writing job (the bill paying one), eat dinner, play with her, wrangled her into bed late. When I finally settle down, it's Phaze work that comes first. Then I look up and it's one in the morning. My writing time is once again shoved to the side while everybody else gets to work on their WIPs. I don't know how much longer I can juggle all of this. I can't give up the kid or the bills, so we'll see if I can either stretch the day longer or win the lottery. Heh.

One thing that has helped me with writer's block is concentrating on different topics. I do write quite a bit of non-fiction articles to pay the bills, so I might just give it a go, and perhaps earn some coin so I won't have to write so much for others anymore. Of course, it might mean I'll wax poetic here about satellite dishes and pet shampoo, leaving you to wonder if I've completely lost my mind. :) The six of you who read my blog, don't worry. I'll still blog about chocolate and sex. Likely in that order.

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krispykremekiller said...

As one of "the six", I do wonder how you keep all of those balls in the air. My workload is heavy but not as diverse as yours. While I can understand the volume of work, it is difficult to understand how to cope with the constant changing of gears required for your many roles. For me, I do not fathom what it would be like to have to push myself creatively. I often struggle with what to say to help motivate you. I admire all that you've taken on and what a good job you do. I don't know if the "other five" see it, but I certainly do! It sounds like you've got a plan there. Someone, right now who writes has likely seen this and is able to move on with their WIP. I hope you will too!