Friday, May 15, 2009

Chocolate: America's Favorite Pastime

In an effort to test the flavors of different cacao levels, I'm trying pieces of two bars today: an ounce of 70% Nirvana Single Origin Sao Thome and 80% Equal Exchange Extra Dark Organic. The Nirvana has a bolder taste than the Equal Exchange 70% I had I last week, with a bitter aftertaste and a sharp nose. Held on the tongue long enough, I can almost detect earthy overtones, almost like tobacco (can you tell I've been to too many wine tastings lately?). Seems like it would be a good bar to graduate to if you're slowly working your way toward high cacao levels.

The 80%, by comparison, is richer and smooth, with a latent sweetness that doesn't linger on the palate. I like the flavor of this particular bar as opposed to other chocolates I've tried at this level. Sampling the lesser percentage chocolate after this, I noticed, enhances the sweet flavor of it. That said, I think they are both good bars to enjoy on their own - I don't know that I'd put either on my coming Top Five list, but I have the weekend to figure that out.

Blogging for Dollars

I heard from my art director that Kindle will allow bloggers to offer their content for subscriptions. I pondered doing it myself, then wondered what Kindle user would pay money to look at pictures of Geddy Lee and hear me complain about things. Still, the opportunity presents itself to promote books, so I am contemplating a "quickies" blog - posts of sexy short shorts to enjoy on a daily basis. Insert the inevitable "holding the Kindle with one hand joke" here.

More later.

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