Friday, May 8, 2009

Another Rush tour? So much for that 529 account

I heard a rumor, said my friend, from a reputable source.

Normally I wouldn't take the time to listen, but where I hang out for my Rush fix, there are genuine reputable sources. People with connections, loose affiliations, distant relations. When you follow a favorite band around for years and years you do have to accept the inevitable notion of retirement, yet there's a small voice inside always screaming. Come on, just one more tour. You're not that old. Here, have some acai juice. Lots of antioxidants.

Indeed, look at country music. You have acts in their 70s and older touring all the time. Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn...granted, they aren't doing the high dives off the speaker towers these days, but they're out there. All we want to hear is the music - it doesn't matter if you feel you're too old for theatrics. Hire dancers like Madonna does. Stand there for two hours and play, we'll love it.

I'm not saying Rush are old, either. They certainly look much better than most acts their age now. Think about it: Keith Richards?! Doesn't some roadie jack him up to a car battery every night to get him running? Steven Tyler? A Shar-pei in scarves.

So I hear this rumor, and another one attached. I don't like to gossip, so I won't divulge. But if it turns out to be true I would be pleased to know it. In the meantime I'll be saving up my money anyway. We'll see Rush in Vegas again or send Miss Diva to William and Mary. Win-win.

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