Monday, April 20, 2009

The Week in Chocolate - Orlando Bound

I didn't get to accomplish all the blogging I hoped to do this past week. What a wild ride. A book release out, an acquaintance lost, and the usual pre-RT convention jitters took all my time, leaving very little for promotion and writing. At the very least, I did finish a free short which will debut in May and will also serve as the prologue for Daring Red. I'm inspired to length that one to a short novel at this point, which would be nice considering all my M/M stories right now don't exceed 12,000 words. I would like a novel-length, printable work to share.

In all this time, too, I've been eating chocolate. Of course. The acai is too expensive, and I have to get my antioxidants somewhere. Yes, there's pomengranate juice, but where's the fun in that? Here's a survey of what I've enjoyed this past week:

Equal Exchange Dark (68%) with Cocoa Nibs - nice snap and taste. The nibs provided good texture and added flavor.

Newman's Own Sweet Dark Espresso - the coffee flavor leaves a bite, but otherwise doesn't take away from the chocolate.

Premium Dark M&Ms - have to admit the lack of a crunchy shell suprised me. This is like eating simple dark chocolate pebbles. The coating is a wild iridescent color and has an odd texture.

Will expand more in days to come, if I have time.

Orlando Bound (and Gagged)

I am packed and ready to go! This week I'll be at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in beautiful Orlando, Florida. If you're heading over for the party, be sure to stop by Club RT on Thursday or Friday and say hello to me. I'll be helping out with the Phaze Books table, where you'll find lots of goodies to take home. We're bringing a selection of overstock books to give away - one per reader, please - and we'll have a lovely basket in the raffle, so definitely sign up for it.

Phaze Books sent over copies of More, More, More! to the book goody room this year, so be sure to grab a copy and I'll be happy to sign it for you. The story features my Dareville BBW short, Daringly Delicious, but I think the entire book is yummy. There are also a few free copies of Truth or Dare at the table this year, but they may go quickly so visit early.

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