Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Print DoMINion

I'm sure I've told this story before. Be patient, there is new stuff coming.

Back when I was just still plain old Betty Munroe I had this cute little book called Love's DoMINion. Just a wacky, sexy story about a divorcee looking for a bit of affirmation in her life. She gets hooked on a Sims-like video game and soon becomes totally, and literally, embroiled in it. I personally thought it was a nice concept, and Liquid Silver Books did as well, else they wouldn't have contracted it. However, LD became the victim of bad timing. Not long after I contracted the story did the publisher of Phaze Books disappear, leaving its fate uncertain. I took on some responsibility thinking the parent company would find a permanent replacement. Three years later, I'm still waiting for that to happen.

So in the midst of all this LD releases, and I unfortunately had too much to do on the Phaze side of things to devote to properly promoting the eBook. I still feel bad about it, because I believed in the story, still do, and had hoped to write a sequel. I still want to, I set up the original story for that, and maybe one day I will. For now, though, I will compensate by taking LD to print and hopefully make some waves at these BDSM fairs I plan to attend. It won't go through Phaze Books, since I plan to keep the eBook at Liquid Silver. They're a great company and I'm happy to be associated with them. As I hold the print rights to this book, I will self-publish.

LD was my first attempt at BDSM. It's not meant to be a primer by any means, but a light look at one women's curiosity and experience. I wanted to write a romantic comedy unrelated to Dareville, something off which I could build a library of similar works. Don't get me wrong, I love my Dareville stories - I hope my readers do as well - but I crave variety. Perhaps with a print option I can find an audience with future offsite events. We'll see.

I don't intend to leave Dareville just yet, either. I am working on a few shorts - a July 4th freebie which will lead into Daring Red, and I'll be working on Dare Devils shortly, hopefully to finish by winter or early 2010. I have the outlines done, just need to write them.

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