Thursday, April 16, 2009

Enjoy a "Sweet" Free Read

I'm feeling generous this month. Maybe it's my determined spirit in the face of #amazonfail, maybe because it's tax time and I'm aware some people are pinching pennies this week before they feel sure enough to start buying books again. Whatever the reason, I have a freebie to give away this week, and the promise of two more to come.

Anyway, this week it's Sweet Surprise, released for free through Phaze Books. Head over to the free erotic romance stories page there to download the PDF.

How does a sexy Faerie exact justice from a lovely driver whose ice cream company is committing copyright infringement? One orgasm at a time! Josie hates her usual route through Sierra Glade, a creepy little town with a craving for sweet stuff. When the gorgeous Lur takes her hostage in the middle of town, there's a brief standoff...mainly because Lur leaves her too weak to stand! Hope you enjoy it!

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