Friday, April 3, 2009

Chocolate Review: Wild Harvest Organic Dark

Wild Harvest is a brand of organic products found in various regional-specific grocery stores. Over here Farm Fresh carries the brand, and while shopping the other week I saw they had added chocolate bars to their inventory. I picked up the Dark (60%) solid, noting the USDA Organic and Fair Trade badges on the label. The chocolate comes from 5th generation chocolatiers, but no mention is made as to whether this is single-origin, and where the cacao came from.

Appearance-wise, it's not a waxy bar. The sheen is a bit dull, and each pillow is emblazoned with a swirling design. After rubbing, I detected a potent aroma of cocoa, almost like liqueur. Snap is not very loud, but each break made came clean, and the taste is rich and smooth. There's no lingering finish or detection of other flavors - it just appears to be a nice solid bar for snacking. If I'm in the mood for something simple that takes care of the craving, this would be a good selection to have.

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