Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chocolate Review: Kinder Bueno

Here's another foreign treat acquired on my trip to Orlando. Interesting to note, this bar is made by an Italian company, the brand name is German and the type is Spanish. Overall, it's a sickeningly pair of chocolate covered wafer fingers, each filled with hazelnut creme. The texture is not unlike the Little Debbie wafer bars, so I'm not sure I would quality this as a chocolate bar at all. I understand these are hard to find in the US, so perhaps I was lucky to get one at a reasonable price.

Each finger is sectioned into four pillows of the sweet creme - and that is hardly the word to describe it. It delivers a lingering aftertaste that pervades others things I eat afterward. As much as I like hazelnut, I think Kinder Bueno is a bit too much for me.

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