Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chocolate Review: Aero Mint

A while back I wrote a brief review of the milk Aero bar. Aero is a European brand from Nestle, a novelty as the chocolate in the bar is presented with hundreds of tiny air bubbles - the idea being that as you bite into the bar the bubbles melt. I suppose it's a sensation not unlike eating chocolate Pop Rocks, if there is such a thing. A friend got me the first Aero I tried, and while in Orlando I stopped at a Walgreens and noticed a few unusual selections in the chocolate aisle. This mint bar was one of them. I'm guessing in a city that sees millions of foreign visitors, the stores like to stock a few items from home. Good thought.

The main difference between the milk and mint bars, aside from the obvious flavor, is the appearance. Mint Aero is coated with milk chocolate, but break apart the fingers and you'll see the bright green, bubbly interior. Seriously, it's like neon, and kind of freaky to behold. It looks like you're about to bite into a bright green sponge. The taste is overwhelmingly minty, reminiscent of a Thin Mint cookie without the crunch, and it's not as sweet as the standard milk variety. Having eaten this bar, I feel I can sense the melting sensation the bar advertises, if you hold the chocolate long enough on your tongue the rough edges do slide into a smooth, nice aftertaste. I'm not much of a mint dessert fan, but I find I prefer this selection over the milk.

So, now it's off to find the dark variety for comparison. I don't suppose another trip to Orlando is in order?


Missy Lyons said...

I almost hate finding a new favorite kind of chocolate because it often can only be found in one place which makes it difficult to get more of. I am seriously in love with these Belgium chocolates I can only find at Christmas time. Soo I have to stock up when I do come across them.

I have never heard of the aero bars before, but now I won't be as afraid to try it in the future. =)

Julie Butcher-Fedynich said...

Oh,yes. Another trip is in order or have "people" do it. You really need some "people" to do things.

Kat Lively / Leigh Ellwood said...

LOL. I wish it were in the budget to send people forth to forage for chocolate. But if you have a recommendation I'm all ears, and taste buds.

Marc Nobbs said...

I love Mint Areos. More so than the chocolate ones. Over here you can also get "Areo Balls" - bite size balls of Areo in both mint and chocolate! Now they are nice.

Way back, I think before Nestle bought Roundtree's (the original makers of Areo based York) but it might have been after, they did Orange flavored Areo - and yes, the inside was bright orange. Haven't seen any of those for a very long time but they were lovely.

Kat Lively / Leigh Ellwood said...

I see they have a lot of varieties. I'd like to try the sticky toffee one.