Monday, March 9, 2009

Today's Chocolate

Oh, the air!

A friend gave me an import: the Nestle Aero bar. For you Yanks without access to gourmet shops, here's what it is. Milk chocolate is bubbled up, then covered in more milk chocolate and section into rounded fingers that break apart from the bar. The interior of each section resembles the bubbles in bread, and as you bite into them the bubbles "melt" to offer a unique sensation. Holding the chocolate on my tongue for a few seconds did stimulate the taste buds a bit, though the somewhat-promised choco-gasm didn't happen. This being a milk bar, it like other UK brands I've tried proved to be incredibly sweet. It finishes lighter than a solid milk, however, and I detected no gritty sensation with the bubbly middle. Aero is nice novelty to enjoy once in a while, and I'm curious to try the dark version for any difference in bubble texture and melt quality.

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