Friday, March 13, 2009

Tie Geddy Up, Tie Geddy Down Friday

In the DC area? Into BDSM? Then you probably have heard of The Crucible's twice-yearly flea market and play party. The spring event is planned for March 14 from 11-6, see their website for directions. Phaze Books will vend at the event, offering a selection of erotic romance titles, including some of our top-selling GLBT prints and Coming Together anthologies. You'll get to meet authors Bridget Midway, Alessia Brio and Will Belegon, who will happily sign purchased copies of their works.

It's always a fun event, so we hope you'll come visit us if you're there. If not, we hope to attend the September event as well. I was to have attended, but my sitter plans fell through, and I will have to sit this one out. Stinks, because I had to sit out the last one, and our little Phaze Books booth did well. Here's hoping lightning strikes twice. The Providence event in February buoyed my interest in doing more of these fairs - it's nice to meet people eager to read our work, and surprising to see how many people are aware of you already.
Anyway, I still plan to be at Chicklet Books in Princeton, NJ on March 21 (map). That signing is from 5-9PM and there will be wine and chocolate. I'm going to pull a bottle of red from the Lively cellar and introduce readers to some fine Virginia wine. Haven't decided what yet. Weekend after that, it's New York City and the Rainbow Book Fair at the GLBT Center. Really excited about these events, and I've picked up a few more gigs in late spring, check out my website for the tour list.

As for book news, I got a five cherry review for Dare to Dream from Whipped Cream Reviews. Very flattering, though a detail is incorrect, but who I am to turn down a nice review. It will be nice to have some praise to include on the back cover when it goes to print. I should have a May date set for that. Meanwhile, still waiting on the The Dares That Bind edits, and I've started an F/F Dareville short, to be called Where Angels Dare to Tread. New characters in this story, though an old favorite makes a cameo. How, you'll have to find out when it's published!

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