Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm going to Princeton! Geddy isn't.

It's true, in a way. I'll be signing books at Chicklet Books [Princeton Shopping Center, 301 N. Harrison St, Princeton, NJ 08540] with several other authors at a wine and cheese reception. There will be readings and prize giveaways and maybe a discussion panel, too. I really enjoy events like these because they involve the reader as much as the author. This way, we're not just sitting around collecting dust - we're talking to people. It's a party. If you're in the area, come out and see us.

I'll be leaving for the Eastern Shore later this afternoon. This will be the third drive up this year, and I have a few more planned. Next week, for example, for the Rainbow Book Festival. This trip, however, I won't go as far. I'm thinking I might spend some time in Philly on Sunday and take my time coming home. Of course, with the responsibility of the Phaze site I need to get back in time to take care of new releases. I understand, however, that job will finally be transferred to somebody else so I can concentrate more on the schedule. It's nice to be in a position where we can do that.

Tempted to take in a late showing of I Love You, Man after the signing, if I can find one. The movie has generated much buzz on my favorite message board by virtue of the Rush cameo (somewhere in the movie the main characters go to a Rush concert - the pinnacle in man-dates). At first I wondered if their appearance was going to be a three-second stock footage deal, but it must be a significant showing if it got Neil out of the house to go to the premiere.

Well, if I don't make the movie, I hope to make some sales. I have the morning free tomorrow, so I'll be sure to take some pics of the little one cavorting on Princeton grounds - a bit of hopeful optimism for the future. I heard on Twitter there's a great place to eat was from the restaurant itself, but if I go I can at least tell them their Twitter account is worth something. There are a few letterboxing opportunities in the area as well - wouldn't mind getting some Jersey stamps to add to our book. More on the letterboxing later - it's something I'm trying to do with little one on weekend to get out of the house. She's at the age now where she's crawling the walls at home. We need an activity to do together and she seems to like treasure hunts. This seems to be ticket if I can hold her interest.

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