Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chocolate Review: Divine Chocolate 70% Dark

I tell you, a day like this makes me want to pile deep into the stash and enjoy today's, tomorrow's, and next year's chocolate. Rain all day - G's crawling the walls and destroying the house, and it appears this is the day nothing has gone right. Discouraging e-mails, errors aplenty, and I'm just plain tired. I'm holding in a bite of Divine Chocolate's 70% dark bar right now, and it's helping. I like the flavor - it's smooth and releases a lovely dark cocoa without a bitter aftertaste. I've had this bar in the stash for a while now, no telling where I got it or if anybody gave it to me, but if I've had it a while I'm amazed by how well the bar has held up. The chocolate maintains a nice sheen and a bold snap - no tempering to be found. Strikes me as a good bar for beginners to dark tasting, maybe with a glass of red or late harvest dessert wine.

Divine is a fair trade bar as well, apparently using single origin cacao from Ghana, so knowing that has shed some light on an otherwise dreary day. However, I will endeavor not to eat the whole thing. A day like like is good for tipping scales.

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