Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tonight's Chocolate

Don't ask me how I made it through Valentine's without inhaling all of Hershey, Pennsylvania. To be honest, it was nowhere near Rhode Island, so they are safe for at least another year. Tonight, however, my delicious victim is the 70% dark Valor Forest Fruits variety. This is a lovely bar, not a single origin, featuring a sharp tang of cacao and dark berries - raspberry and blackberry in particular.

This bar had a nice snap and sheen, with micro-bits of red and dark purple embedded within. The dried berries provide a tartness that almost overpowers the chocolate at times. Depending on where in the bar you bite, too, you get almost a chewy sensation, like bearing down on rind. Strikes me this would be a good bar to have with a fruit wine. Lord knows I have plenty of that from my last trip to Charlottesville.

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