Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yes, we can

We, the undersigned, propose to Romance Writers of America:

1. A move for total inclusion in PAN for those who qualify based on the current $1000 earnings, non-vanity, non-subsidy guidelines, meaning that all PAN members are eligible for every PAN benefit, including entrance in the RITA competition.

2. The removal of the exclusion of those who don't qualify for PAN, but are ePubbed or small press pubbed, from the Golden Hearts contest.

3. The refund of entrance fees to every PAN member who entered but was disqualified from the RITAs due to the addition of the phrase "mass-produced."

eBooks and indie presses aren't going away, and neither are the authors. In this world, we often experience this great phenomenon called "evolution," though it doesn't always happen as quickly in some places as it does others.

If you are an ePublished author in good standing with the RWA and agree to the above, please consider signing this petition. RWA is supposed to be a support network for romance writers, and they should support ALL who join.

1 comment:

Keta Diablo said...

I signed the petition and mentioned the reason I didn't renew my membership this year ws due to the exclusion and hte New Pres. comments concerning e-pubs.

Keta Diablo