Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today's Chocolate

Today's chocolate was an interesting treat: a bit of 60% dark with lemon bits from a company called Kras. According to what I could find on the Net, Kras is Croatian, and if they have a website I can't find it. This bar was a gift, I imagine from a gourmet store or maybe Target, since they are fast becoming a source for such things.

I let this bar sit too long, it had tempered a bit but the snap didn't sound diminished. Unfortunately I wish I could provide a better review - having come back from a fever and with my throat still sore, I didn't enjoy this bar as much I have others. The lemon bits were rather chewy...lemon is not a fruit flavor I'd normally associate with chocolate, but perhaps in a better frame of mind I'll think differently. There is still plenty of bar left to sample and hopefully enjoy.

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