Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm a lousy singer, too, where's my book deal?

The publishing industry crumbles all around us. Layoffs, hiring freezes, moratoriums (moratoria?, feh) on manuscript acquisitions...and what do I see this morning on my feed but the announcement of the release of the memoirs of Sanjaya. Yes, you know who he is. Don't deny it. You watch that damn show, and you probably secretly rooted for the off-key, tone-deaf Sanjaya while he waved his ponytail hawk, Flock of Seagulls on acid haircut and butchered some Gwen Stefani tune. Ah yes, I admit I watched that episode - we were treated to the music that inspired dear Gwen, who was apparently only really inspired by Sting and...herself.

Sanjaya has a book out with a major publisher.

Sanjaya has a book out with a major publisher.

Sanjaya. Has. A. Book. Out.

Memoirs! He's younger than me! He's not yet legally old enough to drink. What's to remember? What he has done since leaving American Idol? Is there really enough to warrant memoirs?

To hell with writing. Where's my Aqua Net?

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krispykremekiller said...

Hey, you're not that bad of a singer. I've heard you sing. Granted, it was over the crowd and 9 million watts of Rush coming off the stage. Still, it wasn't bad at all :)