Monday, January 5, 2009

Authorhood - Now 100% Bling Free!

Let me say right now, I never set out to get rich by doing this. My hope is to make enough where I don't have to work full-time at another job in order to contribute to family finances. The way things are going, I could achieve this goal through a combination of public school for the little one (a quality school, at that), and some of that Obamojo in the next four years. I'd be happy with the time to write and publish with maybe 15-20 hours of slinging lattes.

Therefore, I'm not bothered by recent articles of how publishers are tightening their belts by cutting back on the champagne and caviar retreats in favor of conference calls and Papa John's. I should be surprised to hear of such luxury in the industry, since I've met a number of NYT Bestsellers who have claimed their publishers gave them so little, if anything, to use toward promotion. No lobster lunches awaited them on every other stop of their world tours; one author, in fact, once showed to a signing and there were no books! Makes me wonder who's getting the massage, 'cause it sure as hell isn't me.

Reading this article reminded me a bit of my days with Big Internet Company, my first SEO job. I worked in-house as part of the marketing department, dinking on all our sites at a time when META tags were still relevant. I feel almost guilty about that job, considering how much had been spent on retreats and fancy dinners and outings, and how much money had been thrown at Web endeavors with so little thought to it. That's why I'm still not there - there's no company anymore. I imagine many of the higher ups at these houses are worried the same thing could happen to them unless they zip their wallets.

Then I read another article about how some publishers are gambling big with certain titles, offering Sarah Silverman $2.5 million to write a book. That's a lot of Papa John's. I'm funny, too. Where's my check?

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Helen said...

Good lord, I'm happy anytime I sell a single story or pick up a contract! I don't expect to make money, at least not until the little ones are all off to school and I've got more free time during the day to crank out that word count. It kills me what some people get, and makes me wonder, have they really earned it, or did they just get lucky?