Monday, December 8, 2008

The Gals are back in town

That's me: novelist, publisher, mom, editor, marketer, comic strip gag writer. I do it all, except mix drinks. Well, I do that, too, but not with the precision of Bryan Brown in Cocktail. Wasn't that a terrible movie? If I have to hear that damn "Kokomo" song one more time I think I'll shove a fireplace poker into my ears.

Well, it appears I also excel at babbling, but back to the comic strip.

Ged's Gals was conceived last year, after a thread on my Rush board about artistic talent. See, I have none, but I write well when I have the opportunity. An online pal on the board, seeking an outlet for her artistic skills, pitched the idea. Let's put on a show - an extremely hilarious one. I laugh at the strip, anyway. We get the occasional reader who doesn't get the joke, which confuses me sometimes. It's not like I'm Ernie Kovacs.

The strip is not a regular feature - it's sort of an "update when we can" project. I have my writing, E. has her painting, so until our stars align and we can devote more time to it, we will. I have many stories to tell through this medium, and it would be nice to wake up to an email from a syndicate wanting to give us a wheelbarrow full of cash to merchandise the hell out the gals. Their faces on coffee mugs, a given. Condoms? Well, it's good enough for KISS...

So visit to read the entire strip so far. Now that Opus has retired, somebody has to fill in.

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