Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Come see me in 2010 to see how I did

Yes, I have resolutions for the coming year. I'm such a masochist. Really, I don't ask for much, maybe another month tacked on to the year so I can finish everything on time - I'll call it Maytember, and every Friday will be a mandatory holiday.

So here are my goals for 2009. Snicker all you want. I've had wine, that's my excuse for my loftiness.

1) Lose weight - Will go more smoothly if Obama can ban carbs.

2) Complete one full-length Dareville novel - Most likely it will be Dare Devils

3) Increase Phaze Books sales by 50% - We did it this year, why not?

4) Redo website...again - I am so fickle

5) Get new cart installed at Phaze - put that off long enough

6) Increase promotion efforts - more blogging and tweeting, less whining

7) Save up for Rush's next tour - and there will be a tour. Oh yes, there will.


Margay said...

Good luck on your goals! Hey, maybe we can petition Obama to ban carbs - what do you think?

Sandie Hudson said...

Oh, do you think Obama can make that a world wide ban?

Good luck with your goals and best wishes for 2009.

krispykremekiller said...

As always, best on your goals and dreams. Its been a pleasure being here through all of this and sometimes helping. Happy 2009!

Monique Wood said...

Hope you achieve your goals in 2009!

Shadow said...

But..but if he bans carbs I'll have no energy at all. Repeat after me, anything is good in moderation. I wish you the best of luck in achieving your goals for 2009.