Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And when you do buy your Kindle, I have some books to fill it

More readers are picking up eBooks, sayeth The New York Times. An interesting article if you want to peruse. All the proper buzzwords are there: Kindle, Oprah, etc. Harlequin Spice Briefs are mentioned, but that's about it for romance eBooks. I like especially how the article notes how heavy-hitters like Danielle Steel and John Grisham had been hesitant at first to venture into e, but now we'll see their titles up. I imagine that might have had something to do with royalties and eBooks. Find out how much they can expect, then make a decision.

What I don't disagree with is this quote:

“The perception is that e-books have been around for 10 years and haven’t done anything,” said Steve Haber, president of Sony’s digital reading division. “But it’s happening now. This is really starting to take off.”

Not necessarily. I submit that the Spice Briefs wouldn't be in existence now if not for the smaller eBook presses encroaching on their audience. You look at the strides Ellora's Cave has made in the last several years, and how they have influenced the industry - with the technology and the content. Would we have seen the Spice and Aphrodosia imprints without EC? Would we see Kensington and Harlequin offer eBooks if not for the growing popularity of houses Loose ID and Samhain and, dare I say it, my humble HQ? Phaze is up and coming, you watch. I may drive fast at times, but I can see the course.

Now if we can just get on Oprah.

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