Friday, November 14, 2008

Sexy Stocking Stuffers - Seriously

It's important to think positive as the weather becomes bleak. In the midst of my transition from job to job, I'm witnessing changes within the organization I'm preparing to leave. Happy tidings aren't being spread, unfortunately, and it's indicative of a certain industry: publishing. I've read some recent posts on message boards about layoffs at media and publishing corporations - houses big and small are feeling the pinch, despite word from the NJRW conference (hearing this second hand, mind you) that the romance genre experienced good sales throughout the economic difficulties.

Understandable. Readers want to escape the doom and gloom. I certainly would rather think about sex than a plummeting Dow, yet I realize I also need to watch my pennies. Through all this, too, I still need to sell. How to do it, though? We are in the sunset of an administration, with promises of prosperity on the horizon. Can we wait that long? How soon after Obama takes office will we recover?

Okay, now I'm getting depressed. That wasn't my intent when I started this post. I want to talk about how you can have a good time this holiday season, and help a few talented authors, without breaking the bank. Buy an eBook, and support the romance genre, romance authors, and help the environment. Give a Phaze Books Gift Certificate this season. For as little as one dollar you can bring joy to a fellow romance lover this season with a download code good toward any product on the Phaze cart. Do I sound like Sally Struthers yet?

What I like best about the Phaze Gift Certificates is the variety of available denominations. you can purchase codes good for $1, $2, $4, $5, $6, and $7, plus $10, $15, $20, $25, $50 and $100 if you're a very generous friend of romance. You might be thinking, what is the point of buying such a small denomination...what can be had a buck. You would be surprised.

One dollar gives you a choice of several sale items in our catalog, mostly older titles you might have missed if you've only recently starting shopping at Two dollars can get you any of our many themed HeatSheets - from the scorching Sparklers to the seasonal Oh! Oh! Oh! stories. Four dollars buys you two HeatSheets, or perhaps one hot novella, like Myc and Shayne's Kitten or Selena Kitt's Blind Date.

For five bucks, well....there is Dare to Dream. And for six did you know you can get any of the other three Dareville novels? Incredible sex, unforgettable characters, and exotic locales, all for mere pennies! And buying an eBook spares a tree, so you're giving the planet an extraordinary gift as well.

I plan to do some escaping myself this holiday vacation. I'm overdue for a long reading session. Will let you know what I pick up from eBook world soon.

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