Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Outside today, it appears to be same world in which we have lived for years. There are no more political ads on the radio, and I like that, and I have noticed that after these results and this historic moment, the world continues to chug along. I like that, too. There is serenity in my little blue state, and I'd like to believe that, regardless of which candidate we supported, we all can look toward the future for light and hope.

I keep thinking I would like to do something special with to commemorate Inauguration Day. Although President-elect Obama is identified as an African-American, he is the product of an interracial marriage. Some might think it's no accident that Phaze plans to release both volumes of our anticipated Coming Together: At Last anthologies the same week Obama takes office, but to be truthful we aimed for January 19 because that is the Martin Luther King holiday, and it was from King's famous "I have a dream" speech that we get our books' subtitle. That a part of the dream comes true the next day is inspiring for all people.

So how will we launch these books in a week that celebrates freedom and harmony, coupled with the result of our freedom to vote? Not sure. I'll have to ponder that a bit.

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Will Belegon said...

I am so proud and happy that these events will occur with such happy accidents of scheduling.

I wish Dr. King had lived to see this day.