Monday, November 24, 2008

Me want local food.

When we travel to a new city, we avoid the chain restaurants. Hubby asks the concierge, always, "Tell us where you would eat." Nine times out of ten we enjoy a local hangout that isn't too pretentious or pricey, and we're glad we went. This week I'm not eating out much because I'm staying with family, but it doesn't mean I'm not interested in the local food. I don't necessarily mean farmers' markets or co-ops, but local/regional brands I'm not likely to find back home. While exploring the grocery stores today, I came upon Grippos Chips, a Cincy trademark for nearly a century but I wouldn't know it from having lived on national brands like Lays for most of my life. On the way in, through Kentucky, I made sure to stock up on Ale81, which I think kicks Canada Dry's ass any day of the week. This afternoon, I stopped at Skyline Chili for a 3-way (not what you're thinking), then onto a local market for some Ohio wine: a Lakeside Vineyard red and a Valley Vineyards Vidal Blanc. We'll see how they compare to Virginia's juice soon enough.

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tj said...

grippos is the best bbq chip ever,in face i never knew grippos was only local until i was like 14 years old..i didnt know i thaught everyone ate grippos.