Monday, November 17, 2008

Good clean promo

When I shop the deep discount sales of a store about to close, I find it difficult not to think of those about to lose their jobs. Especially so close to the holidays, to think there are people faced with looking for work in a chaotic time, needing to worry about rent and Christmas. I don't know that retail workers get some kind of severance, but hopefully those I met today at Linens n' Things will be able to bounce back soon.

Much of what was left was marked down 20% and, starving author that I am, I took advantage to pick up a few things for use as promotional items and giveaways. Cleaned up on some nice reed diffusers and scented candles, plus I found some potpourri sachets I plan to use for something. Get some stickers made and pass them out at signings. I'll certainly smell better than Gore Vidal.

Also bought some discounted chocolate for The Stash - two milk Ghirardelli bars, a crisped rice and a hazelnut. The way this day has gone, I'm surprised their both still intact.

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