Monday, November 10, 2008

Choco Nachos - it's what's for dinner, breakfast...

You try walking past the chips display of your local organic grocer without picking up a bag of chocolate-flavored tortilla chips. You read it correctly. Food Should Taste Good has a line of eclectic tortilla delights, including chocolate. Now before you cringe, at least give them a try. If you're expecting the taste of Hershey's in a wafer thin crunch you will be disappointed. The chip retains more of the salty corn flavor a normal chip has - the chocolate is very mild, almost faint, yet just enough to bring a unique nuance to the snack.

I couldn't tell you how to serve chips such as these. Are they meant for savory salsas, or sweet syrups? I suppose you could try both and see which complements the chip's flavor best, but the little one and I seemed to enjoy them right out of the bag.

Nevertheless, I've been racking my brain coming up with a suitable "choco nacho" recipe built around these chips. I wouldn't add too much chocolate so as to bury the saltiness and bold corn taste. I suppose if I had to create something, say, for a party or maybe a book release celebration (would like to have one of those soon for some of our Phaze authors), I might throw something like this together...

One layer of Food Should Taste Good chocolate tortilla chips, spread on a platter
1/2 cup of strawberry preserves "salsa"
1/4 cup of shredded coconut "cheese"
1/4 cup of diced mango
dollop of whipped, not so sour cream

Good stuff.

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