Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today's Chocolate

While at this nice wine store in Chesapeake, I picked up a package of Taza Chocolate, vanilla flavored. This is organic, stone ground chocolate, created in the manner of old Mexico. It comes in two thick discs, wrapped in wax paper. The idea is to grate a disc into hot milk to make drinking chocolate, though the wrapper implies that it may be eaten as well. Having just sampled half a disc, however, I'd be more inclined to make the drink.

It is not that the chocolate is bad. It is dark and has a decided quality snap. It is very sweet, which could be from the vanilla, but I am guessing the "stone ground" nature of the chocolate accounts for the gritty texture. Imagine somebody taking a scoop of Folger's Crystals and packing them tight into bar, then biting into it. Not the same flavor sensation, but you might expect to feel a bit of sand between your teeth.

I'm going to try the second disc in a drink, now that the weather is colder. I did also get a traditional Taza bar (70% cacao) so I will report on that shortly as well.

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