Friday, October 3, 2008

Today's and Yesterday's Chocolate

I hesitated to review the Ithaca Fine Chocolate Milk Art Bar with Hazelnuts because at first taste I didn't much care for it. I thought the chocolate was too sweet despite the presence of the crunchy nuts, and it just didn't do much for me at the time. Rather than offer a resolute thumbs-down, however, I saved the rest of the bar for later. I realized I had been enjoying quite a bit of dark chocolate lately, and perhaps my tastes had been trained to better appreciate the bitter. So I waited a bit to cleanse the palate and took on the rest of this bar.

Good thing I held off, because the Art Bar tasted better the second time around. The milk chocolate has a decidedly milder taste and nose this time, and the sweetness did not feel so prominent. Perhaps there is something to be said about chocolate aging like a fine wine does, though you do have to be careful the bars don't temper after exposure.

Today, though, I'm back to dark and the Kschocolat Orange and Cardamom bar (72%). Cardamom is a spice found mainly in Indian cuisine; it is part of the ginger family but the taste is sort of spicier and more curry/cinnamon like to me. This bar's bite is thoroughly grainy with tiny bits of it. The orange by contrast is milder and doesn't appear to bring too much sweetness to the bar; seems if you hit a larger nibble of cardamom just right that's all you taste.

Still, it's a pleasant bar with a bold flavor, and I'm curious to compare it with the Dark Orange Chocolove bar I purchased recently.

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