Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A ring and a date

UPDATE: The Phaze site is working again. Don't feel like editing this post. Carry on.

Just got word my first release with Loose-ID, Excitable Gals, will bow November 25th. Quite a quick turnaround from acceptance, so it appears after a long drought I will have two releases in one month. Dare to Dream at Phaze Books bows a week or so prior. I'm looking forward to the edit and cover art process with LI and seeing how this book works with both stories put together, since they had originally appeared in separate anthologies at their first home.

Meanwhile, you can still buy Daringly Delicious and all my Phaze releases. The main site is still down - it is a problem on the server end which is affecting many, many sites in addition to ours. and the EPIC site are also down because of this. If you want to buy, just go here:

Hopefully the server will be restored soon. It's a challenge getting the word out that our books can still be downloaded. In a way, though, I'm grateful the cart isn't on this server, otherwise we'd really be in trouble.

Speaking of Phaze, I am happy to say I just outlined the next full book in the Dareville series. Dare's Destiny promises to be a hot menage story filled with backstabbing of one kind and...another kind, ifyouknowwhatImean. Heh. I kill me.

Still working on Daring Red as well, and started a new story which I plan to send to LI - an M/M short to be called Long Awaited Friend. The title comes from a lyric in Rush's "Limelight," and will feature a few characters from another short I did a while back. More on that later.

What else? Oh, I'm creating a new trailer just for Dare to Dream. Trying to get the hang of Movie Maker and how it can help me promo. I'll have the results up soon. I'm talking with a friend about original music for it. You gotta have friends...

The Collingswood Book Fair is close, too. I can't wait. Received a batch of Phaze prints to take over, and they look fantastic. The covers for Surrender and Coming Together With Pride look awsome (you can buy both at or at the link above). They are going to look great on display. So if you're in NJ this Saturday, look for the Phaze booth.

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